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How to go viral on Twitter

January 23rd, 2012 | Posted by Leanama in Leana's blog

Twitter is now a huge phenomenon and a very powerful tool in which to gain maximum exposure for content and copywriting if used correctly.

Since its initiation, Twitter has changed the way that information spreads online and people are now focussing on getting their content “ReTweeted” on Twitter. ReTweeting (for those who are unfamiliar with the term) means getting people to repeat what you’ve posted along with a link, which can drive a significant amount of quality traffic to your website.

To learn how ReTweeting can occur, it’s well worth paying attention to five areas below which should be taken into account when you are trying to spread your content virally on Twitter:

  1. Always include a call to action, which encourages people to ReTweet your content. Research has shown that simply asking people to “please ReTweet” , or “please RT” (the more common abbreviation), can often have very positive effects. Other common calls to action include “check out”, “please vote”, “help me” or a tweet which contains a question such as “what do you think of…”
  1. Timing can be essential when you’re considering a tweet and research carried out by indicates that more ReTweeting occurs between the first few days of the business week from Monday through to Wednesday as opposed to Thursday, Friday and the weekend. The time of day can also have an effect with the most popular window being between the hours of 9am and 6pm.
  1. Links are key to any ReTweet and research has shown that almost 70 per cent of ReTweets contain a link. This is positive news for marketers who wish to spread their off-Twitter content effectively.
  1. Social worth is also very important. People want to be reassured that a post is worthwhile and there is no better way than your tweet being ReTweeted by others. The more your tweet is ReTweeted, the more likely it is that other people will see it as being credible and therefore ReTweet to their friends and so on. One way to increase your social worth is to persuade well known users to ReTweet your content because lending their authority to it will give it more credibility.
  1. Adding value to your tweet is a good way of encouraging people to read it and ReTweet it. Some of the best ways to add value to a tweet are to write copy that contains instructional content, news (especially breaking news), warnings, freebies and contests.

If you have found any other factors and tactics which have helped you to increase your presence on Twitter and get your content ReTweeted, we’d love to hear about them.



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  • Patricia says:

    Great post Stacey, I joined twteitr a year ago and didn’t have a clues what I’m supposed to do with it. As most of the time I use my Mcbook Pro, I couldn’t even find a hush tag on the keyboard, and it was not there funny it is great you help those who feel lost.