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The importance of SEO copy

The importance of SEO

If you are not getting as many visitors to your website as you’d like, it’s time you considered investing in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) copywriting, the key to improving your search ranking in Google. This type of copy involves enhancing sections of your website with relevant key words.

SEO copywriting is an effective way to ensure you stay ahead of your competitors and it’s highly cost effective, so make SEO work for your business by following a few simple steps.

Think about the keywords that most accurately describe your business’ products and services.  Are those keywords used to best effect on your website? And more importantly, do your web pages rank well on Google – even for the most obvious keywords?

SEO copywriting is all about building up a library of articles within your website that contain specific keywords or phrases aimed at potential customers who are searching online. And if you’ve enough key words within your website, you’ll get a much higher position on Google and other search engines.

The solution to SEO copywriting is to include  key word terms within an interesting and informative article. It’s not just about repetition of key words, the article has to make sense and appeal to its reader.

What makes my service unique to most other SEO copywriters is that I will check you are using the correct search terms before I write your SEO copy. The way this works is I will check your key words against the search terms people are currently using.

For example, if your key words were ‘copywriting service’, I would check the amount of people using that specific search term. I would then match it against other similar search terms, for example, ’copywriting services’. If there were more people searching for the latter, I would advise you added an ‘s’ to your key word to encourage more visitors to your website.

I will always guarantee basic SEO research to make sure the most productive search terms are being used within your copy.