For all your professional copy requirements

How I manage a brief

Leave the hard work to me.

If you simply don’t have time to write a brief, sit back, relax and let me do it for you.

Creating a proven copywriting checklist is the best way to ensure that both the client and the copywriter are on target to achieve the same goal, so in my brief I will ask you the following questions:

1. What is your project name and full description?
2. Does your project contain any USPs?
3. What are you hoping to achieve from the copy?
4. Where will your copy be used?
5. Who is your target audience?
6. What is the underlying tone of the piece – formal/informal etc?
7. What would you like the reader to think after they have read the copy?
8. What is the required length/estimated word count of the project?
9. Are you able to supply me with any resources?
10. Please read my terms and conditions.

Once we’ve discussed the project, I will put together a formal brief and quotation. When you have read the brief and we have agreed that it accurately meets with your expectations, I can begin.