Link baiting and link building

Link baiting has become a popular term recently with bloggers. Put simply, it is like link building but instead of looking for links you allow the links to come to you through unique and engaging web content.

Link baiting is not complicated; anyone can use the technique to build quality links to their site. So how does link baiting work? It’s easy. You simply publish a new page on your website on a particular topic – this page acts as the bait, and if its content is interesting and unique, other browsers will catch it, read it and link to it. A properly created page can capture huge links on its own with little effort from you.

There are four key areas where you can encourage ‘hooks’ for link baiting:

News hook – reporting on industry news is a great way to build links, proving the copy is unique and of good quality, so not a rehashing of someone else’s post. The best news hooks are those that feature a story that nobody else has caught yet, or it could be a summary of various viewpoints.

Resource hooks provide more of an informational page. Just like a blog, a resource hook concentrates on taking information and providing a unique interpretation of what it means in the hope that the article will be picked up by others and reposted, or it will be linked to.

Contrary hooks are created when you contradict what someone else says. It should be someone prominent in the industry and also be controversial. Do not use this type of hook unless you are fully prepared to deal with the consequences; it will inevitably evoke a reaction which could be used negatively against you or your business.

Comical hooks post jokes, funny stories, weird or funny pictures, or anything else which the writer thinks will attract reader’s attention and hopefully score a link. There are lots of blogs dedicated to this type of link baiting as it has proved to be very successful.

Link baiting is an effective way of building links quickly and easily, so it’s worth giving it a go or employing someone like me to do the work for you. Link baiting is guaranteed to build your reputation and brand online as more and more people learn about you through these links.

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