Article Writing

Article Writing

Writing articles on your website is a great way to show prospective clients you are an expert in your subject area, or that you are up simply to date with an ever-evolving business.

I am often approached by agencies who are seeking good copy for their clients’ websites, or by smaller businesses who would like to gain better recognition for their goods and services on Google and other search engines.

I can write clear, succinct articles which contain the right keywords to maximise exposure for your business and prove you really know your industry.

“I was looking for a new website which would really showcase my team’s wide range of talents and skills. Leana and the team worked closely with me to make sure the content, branding and website design were spot on – they really are the A-team! I would highly recommend Leana’s copywriting expertise to future clients – I was thrilled with the result.”

Sarah-Jane McKevitt, Owner of OpensDoors