SEO Copywriting

In a crowded market, its vital that the copy on your website is not only interesting and informative but that it also makes a difference to your search engine rankings.

SEO copywriting has moved away from keyword heavy content and evolved towards copy that essentially makes an interesting read. If visitors to your website are engaged with your copy, they’ll feel more compelled to return.

SEO copy should contain the tools necessary to engage with visitors from the outset and it may even encourage visitors to link to and share the content they are reading with others. This in turn should help to improve your presence on search engines such as Google.

Despite the shift in the way SEO copywriting targets its audience, there’s still room for engagement of potential clients using a keywords strategy. In order to create effective copy, businesses are encouraged to look at the key words and phrases best used to describe their company, and should match the copy to compliment these key words.

As an experienced SEO copywriter, I will provide you with well written content that covers all of the above, and if you need help sourcing the right keywords, I can conduct keyword analysis within your industry to make this possible.