The art of good web content writing

The most important rule when writing content is to make sure that its context is appropriate and that it is suited to your business as a whole and for your visitors. You need to look at the way you deliver the content, and make sure that its style, structure and mainly its substance are all relative.

The idea behind content writing is to help visitors to your site identify with the subject you are writing about, and ultimately contribute towards meeting their goals. The way to do this is to provide clear explanations and to pinpoint exactly what they need and when they need it. For example, if I was to look up a company online, I would most likely be looking for a few key pointers in relation to the nature of their business, and some contact details in order to get in touch, rather than being shown their annual report from 2005!

It is important to avoid producing web copy that is self-absorbed as this will alienate readers. Many websites are still centred on their achievements and are clogged up with mission statements and other jargon that is designed for internal use, but is of no use to someone visiting your site. People can become blinded by all the internal language and move away from the site because they feel alienated by it.

Content writing can play a vital part in achieving your business goals, but it is important to produce content that is sustainable and does not warrant the need to be constantly updated. The key to good content is not the volume of copy you write, but the quality of it. Content that is produced with no consideration for the visitor’s needs is meaningless and will cause visitors to leave your site and seek help elsewhere.

Poor content writing is also bad for your rankings on search engines such as Google who look for good quality, unique web copywriting in order to improve your businesses’ ranking against thousands of other companies providing a similar service.

Filling your website up with too many SEO articles can make it harder for visitors to find what they are looking for, and it can cause your website to lose credibility as the content lacks quality and is not focussed on what the visitor really needs or is looking for. SEO copywriting is a good way to increase visibility of your site in search engines, but it must always be written properly, so your copywriting must make sense and be interesting and informative, not just crammed with key words.

Regularly updating website copy is key to keeping the content fresh, for example, user generated content should be continuously edited with up to date information or taken away from the limelight once it becomes less applicable.

The web is overflowing with fluffy, purposeless copywriting which is very irritating for visitors and will not help to achieve your business goals. Knowing if you have created the right content for a page can be tricky, but one way to help achieve it is to think about what you want to accomplish with the content you write.

You must keep your content writing user-centred at all times which means speaking to visitors in a language they recognise and understand, and organising your points in a clear and succinct way so that visitors can find the information they need, quickly and easily.

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