To comment, or not to comment?

If you’re considering commenting on a blog post, take some time out to read the tips below on how to post properly.

One of the main errors bloggers can make is to leave fast comments on the posts of larger blogs which fit their niche market, in order to try to get a few clicks from passing traffic. If this is you, then stop. The chances are you could get far more clicks from writing just one piece of good quality copy.

If you’re a relatively new blogger, don’t take the misguided approach of trying to be the first or second comment on every post of a larger blog. It’s true that those positions in the comment stream can result in more click-throughs, but in the rush to seek first place, the comments left can often be incoherent. In fact, sometimes the person commenting has not even read the post properly and has therefore missed its entire point in their rush for the top position.

Blogging can affect your business in many positive ways. You can actually attract the traffic you want quite easily as long as you adopt the right commenting strategy.

The first rule of thumb is to make sure that the copy you create is high quality, otherwise most of the traffic to your own blog will be a total waste of time. Once you have attracted visitors to your blog, the key to obtaining the right blog comments is to establish the right relationships with them.

Most of the people who comment on other people’s blogs are bloggers themselves, so if you focus on writing meaningful and useful comments, you should be well on the way to creating good relationships with people, and those people are the ones who can send you significant traffic, if they like what they read.

So, your key focus should be on getting links, retweets and social media votes which is the way that good copywriting spreads. With a bit of determination, you should be able to form ties with a network of bloggers who will be able to provide pay-off for all the time and effort you have put into producing your content.

Good luck!

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