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Welcome to my blog.

As a specialist in writing Search Engine Optimised (SEO) web copy, I can’t stress enough how important having a social media presence online can be, and blogging is one way of creating a social attachment between you and your clients.

A blog performs several functions – it provides clients with vital information about your business in a light-hearted and informal way. It can help build up your client portfolio by drawing people to your site who wouldn’t normally go there and it also helps you to develop anchor text links which are important for SEO.

Anchor text is the visible text which you can click on in a hyperlink – the words you choose for your anchor text can determine the ranking you will get from search engines such as Google.

There are lots of do-it-yourself blog sites available online to choose from but I would recommend using WordPress as it is the most straightforward and simple to use.

When starting your blog there are a few key things to remember – stick with posts that are relevant to your audience, make the copywriting light and informative so that visitors will find it interesting, and most importantly, include between three and five anchor text links as this is one of the key reasons for blogging.

Don’t forget to include tags to let blog surfers know what your site is about. Happy blogging!