Email Marketing

Email Marketing can be a great way of regularly keeping in touch with your staff and customers to tell them what your business has been up to or to offer new products and services.

An e-newsletter can help you promote yourself as an industry leader in your field as well as maintain a good company profile.

My Email Marketing service includes:
  • Building a template to include your company logo and branding using MailChimp.
  • Creating your first e-newsletter for you, to include relevant content and links to articles, blogs and pages within your website you wish to promote.
  • Creating your ‘audience’ and issuing the newsletter on your behalf at an agreed date and time.


Producing a regular newsletter is also a good way for your business to keep at the forefront of people’s minds, and if its eye-catching and well-written, it will help to produce new leads.

I’ve gained extensive experience writing e-newsletters for a wide range of businesses. For more information about my Email Marketing services, please contact me.